Ebberts Alfalfa Varieties

Alfalfa Variety Fall Dormancy Winterhardy Alfalfa Variety Characteristics Tech Sheets
AMERISTAND 455RR 4.4 2.0 Very high-yielding elite Roundup Ready variety for the grower demanding top tonnage and quality. Fast recovery after cutting. 455TQ RR Tech Sheet
ALFOREX PGI 529 5.0 1.5 Our top producing alfalfa, fast growing where four or more cuts are expected each season. Tall and showy, with large leaves. PGI 529 Tech Sheet
ALFOREX Hi-Gest 360 (Low Lignin) 3.0 1.5 Excellent performer with no yield drag and 7% to 10% lower whole plant lignin vs. other varieties. Offers a wider harvest window of up to 7 days if timing is delayed past late bud. Hi-Gest 360 Tech Sheet
ALFOREX 322 LH 3.0 2.0 Potato Leaf Hopper resistantant variiety with top yield and quality. Best adapted for three-cut or four-cut management systems. Performs well in mixes with cool-season grasses like Latemate II Orchardgrass. 322 LH Tech Sheet
EBBERTS Wetland 3.8 1.6 Wetland is a branch-rooted type variety genetically designed to keep more of the root system above the water table and more secure in the ground during freezing and thawing. Wetland Tech Sheet
EBBERTS Vernal 2.0 1.7


Fall Dormancy: 1 = Most Dormant, 9 = Least Dormant
Winterhardiness: 1 = Most Hardy, 6 = Least Hardy