Narrow Focus. Broad Choices.

We’re focused on Ohio and Indiana and nowhere else. This allows us to carefully select corn hybrids and soybean varieties particularly suited for the diverse and unique soil types right here.

But, don’t let that small footprint fool you. Despite our size, we can do something the national giants can’t - because we’re independent we can offer a broader range of traits and technologies without being tied to a single platform. For example, we can offer growers both Xtend(R) and Enlist E3™ soybeans to match your choice and preference for weed management.

2020 Seed Placement Guide

Check out our yield-leading portfolio of corn hybrids and soybean varieties.
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Featured Product

2032 E3 NEW

  • The stress leader of Ebberts Enlist E3™ varieties. A MUST PLANT for 2020!
  • Offers the complete disease package with strong ratings across the board.
  • Upgrade in yield over older series of LibertyLink® and LibertyLink® GT27™ genetics.

Dealership Opportunities

We are always looking for outstanding people and organizations to join our sales team. To learn more about securing an Ebberts Seed Dealership contact us below.

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