G3460E - Enlist E3


3.4 Relative Maturity

Herbicide Tolerance(s): Glyphosate, 2,4-D Choline, Glufosinate

Solid performer in the mid-group 3's

SPOT ON maturity rating

Position on all soils and yield environments

Notes: Solid performer in the mid-group 3's, the ideal go-anywhere / plant-anywhere type variety. Spot on 3.4 maturity rating, unbeatable consistency across variable soils and yield environments. Position on all soils and yield environments.

PRR Field Resistance: NG
PRR Field Tolerance: 1.5
Sudden Death Syndrome: 1.5
Frog Eye: 2.0
White Mold: 2.5
Brown Stem Rot: Resistant
Greenstem Risk: 1.5
  • Relative Maturity


  • Herbicide Tolerance

    Glyphosate, 2,4-D Choline, Glufosinate

  • Plant Height


  • Emergence


  • Standability


  • PRR Gene & Rating

    NG - 1.5

  • Plant Branching

    Intermediate Bush

  • Pubescence Color

    Light Tawny

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